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Mezzanine Financing

Our industry leading mezzanine fund is a powerful vehicle for filling the capital stack with a fixed rate  solution, and we are frequently 'first to fund' with a decisive diligence process.

Bravo Mezz Fund

Bravo’s Mezzanine Fund provides creative capital to maximize
client’s loan proceeds. We regularly provide mezzanine financing
up to 90% LTC alongside our bridge financings. Our mezzanine program requires a pledge of the property owning entity. We pride ourselves in the ability to execute mezzanine financings with speed and consistency.
Coordinated Underwriting Approach
Fast Results
Up to 80% LTV

Mezzanine Financing Term Sheet

Eligible Properties
Multifamily, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing
Maximum LTV
90% LTV and 95% LTC
Loan Amount
$500.000 to $20 million
Up to 36 Months
Interest Only
Pledge in property owning entity
1%-2% finance fee
Non-recourse typically with standard carveouts for multifamily, full recourse may be required for
other property types.
Loan Costs
Borrower is responsible for due diligence and transaction costs.
Legal Deposit
$15,000 legal deposit due at execution of term sheet.
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